The Night Diving Experience in Isla Mujeres

Night Diving

Visit the reef at night
$ 2400 MXN per person
  • All the Equipment Included
  • 1 Dive Included

Fluorescent Night Diving

Visit the reef at night
$ 2700 MXN per person
  • All the Equipment Included
  • 1 Dive Included

Private Night Diving

Level up the experience and take our Private Adventure Tour for up to 4 friends
$ 10000 MXN up to 4 Divers
  • All the Equipment Included
  • Private Boat
  • Private Guide
  • 1 Dive Included

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Night Diving in Isla Mujeres

Night diving is a type of recreational diving which takes place at dusk or in total darkness. The diver can experience a different underwater environment at night because many marine animals are nocturnal. Night dives are special because even a familiar site looks different at night.

When you dive during the day, you normally can scan the entire dive site looking at your surroundings. At night, you see only the area of the dive site that is illuminated by your light. This forces you to slow down and concentrate on that one area.

Night dives in Isla Mujeres are generally done in Manchones Reef. This is a shallow reef full of Sea Turtles, sleeping Parrotfish, Octopus, Squid, Sea Urchins, Basket Sea Stars, and many other nocturnal creatures! Bottom times at this location are long, which makes for great underwater photography sessions. This is a dive you do not want to miss while in Isla Mujeres!

Corals and Creatures start to show ON FLUORESCENCE

Coral Reflect Light

Fluorescence absorbs high-energy light and  re-emits it as low-energy light. In traditional night diving, white light is reflected off of the reef or organism and bounced back to your eyes. Emission light, however, is light that the organism creates and emits back to you. The process is similar to bioluminescence in that the organism creates its own light; however, in bioluminescence the light, which is generated by chemical reaction, requires no excitation light.


Diferent Experience

When Fluorescent Night Diving, special dive lights and lens filters for your mask enhance the stunning colors and unbelievable beauty of the underwater world. All of the critters and corals that you swam past earlier will be worth a second look as they glow in hues of pink, green or blue.

Fluorescence is not only found in corals, but in barnacles, sponges, anemones, jellyfish, clams, nudibranchs, cephalopods, shrimp, crabs and fish too. Bottom times at this location are long, which makes for great night time photography sessions. This is a dive you do not want to miss while in Isla Mujeres! 


See the reef in a different light! Diving at Night gives you a new perspective on even the most familiar dive sitesNight diving is a unique experience that cannot be missed! We jump in the water at twilight, and you can watch as the reef transforms and the nocturnal creatures come out to play!

All dive sites do not exceed 28m/82ft. For more information on the specifics regarding diving in Isla Mujeres, you may consult our Dive Sites Map.


Professional Diving Training

Start your experience as a Intro Scuba Diver or go all the way to Instructor. We offer a wide range of courses & technical specialities like Nitrox, Side Mount, or Intro to Cave.


Do I need special training for this dive?

Yes, you need to be Advanced Open Water certified. Or, at least have previous night diving experience.

How long is the ride out to the dive site?

The ride to the reef is about 20 minutes from the departure at our dock.

Can we arrange pickup from hotel before or after the diving Tour?

Yes. We can pick you up from your rental house or hotel provided they have a dock where we are able to park our boat.

Do you rent cameras?

Yes, we have Go Pros for rent for 35 USD. Cameras include a red and a bioluminescence filter which is great for use at 30ft. We storage the fotos and videos in our Dropbox for you to access later and download.

How deep are the dive sites?

The night diving area in which you will do your dives, has a maximum depth of 10m/30ft.