Best Reef Diving Tour in Isla Mujeres

Reef Diving Tour

Visit the MUSA Underwater Art Sculpture Gallery and the National Park Reef
$ 2400 MXN per person
  • All the Equipment Included
  • Two Dives Included

Private Reef Diving Tour

Level up the experience and take our Private Reef Tour for up to 4 friends
$ 10000 MXN up to 4 Divers
  • All the Equipment Included
  • Private Boat
  • Private Guide
  • Two Dives Included

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The Isla Mujeres National Marine Park offers a cluster of shallow reef diving sites especially ideal for photography. The dive sites are within few minutes from the shores of Isla Mujeres which make them easy accessible.

Here you will be able to explore Manchones Reef, a stunning reef, not only prized for its abundant sea life and a large number of marine species including turtles, angel fish, lobsters, sting raysschools of fish but also home to the world famous Underwater Museum of Art MUSA.

Manchones Reef is part of the Second Largest Barrier Reef in the world and has been visited by numerous personalities including Jacques-Yves Cousteau, French explorer and filmmaker.

Manchones is simply the Best Reef in Isla Mujeres


Shallow and crystal clear, diving in the local reef of Isla Mujeres is like jumping into an aquarium! Divers of all levels will enjoy exploring the reef, every inch of which is teeming with colorful corals and playful schools of fish. Relax! and don’t forget your camera while you enjoy the abundance of angel fish, parrot fish, lobsters and more.


MUSA is collection of more than 400 life sized sculptures that were created with the intention to protect the reef and encourage coral growth. The museum is also called the ‘Silent Evolution’ due its eventual transformation into a complete reef ecosystem in the near future. Today, the museum provides protection for many juvenile species. It is seen as a symbol of environment conscience.


When reef diving in Manchones, you are diving in an area protected by the Mexican government. You can observe the benefits in the healthy coral formations and many juvenile species that call Isla Mujeres home. The biodiversity in this local dive site is astounding! Test your fish identification skills with the many species that reside in the reef.


Professional Diving Training

Start your experience as a Intro Scuba Diver or go all the way to Instructor. We offer a wide range of courses & technical specialities like Nitrox, Side Mount, or Intro to Cave.


Do you have special equipment like Nitrox and DIN tanks?

Yes, we have Nitrox 32% for additional 10 USD. We offer tanks with Din & Yoke valve system (100 cu. ft. / 80 cu. ft. / 50 cu. ft.). Let us know ahead of time if you would like to arrange either one.

How long is the ride out to the dive site?

The ride to the reef is about 30 minutes from the departure at our dock.

Can we arrange pickup from hotel before or after the diving Tour?

Yes. We can pick you up from your rental house or hotel provided they have a dock where we are able to park our boat.

Do you rent cameras?

Yes, we have Go Pros for rent for 35 USD. Cameras include a red filter which is great for use at 30ft. We storage the fotos and videos in our Dropbox for you to access later and download.

How deep are the dive sites?

The local reef in which you will do your dives is a shallow calm reef with maximum depths of 30ft/10meters.