Best Adventure in Isla Mujeres!

Whale Shark Tour

Visit the Whale Sharks and learn about them in this amazing experience
$ 3200 MXN per person
  • 3-5 Group $3000 MXN P/P
  • 7-10 Group $2800 MXN P/P
  • Shared Trip 10 People Max
  • All the Equipment Included
  • Lunch Included

Private Whaleshark Tour

Level up the experience and take our Private Whale Shark Tour
$ 32000 MXN up to 10 people private
  • up to 1-6 Private Group $28000 MXN P/G
  • up to 7-8 Private Group $30000 MXN P/G
  • Private Boat
  • Private Guide
  • All the Equipment Included
  • Lunch Included

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One of the activities you can’t miss is to come and swim with the Whale Sharks here in Isla Mujeres. These gentle giants are peaceful creatures who feed mostly on tiny plankton.

While visiting these incredible giants can be intimidating, don’t let the name Whale Shark frighten you. Actually, they are neither whales nor sharks, but actually the largest fish in the sea.

Whale Sharks live at depths of 250m/800ft most of the year. However, they rise to the surface close to Isla Mujeres in the summer months. This is due to the hot climate and warm water temperatures. 

They eat by straining only the tiniest of ocean organisms, such as plankton and fish eggs, through their gills. The plankton is in large concentrations off our shores, soaking up the sun on the surface of the water.

Therefore, the Whale Sharks keep coming back year after year to feed. In fact, Giant Mantas, who also feed on the plankton, join the feeding spectacle. Check our Whale Sharks in Isla Mujeres article to learn more.



Your trip starts at our dive shop, where we give an introductory briefing. We complete our gear checks and we head out to the location we expect the Whale Sharks to be, which is typically about an hour north of the island.


Once we get to the feeding area east of Isla Contoy, two people at the time are allowed to jump in the water with our guide for an up-close encounter with these gentle giants. We take turns, in groups of two. As a result, everyone has multiple chances to jump in with the Whale Sharks, without stressing the animal or overwhelming them.


Once we have snorkeled with the Whale Sharks, we return to Isla Mujeres, where you will be able to have lunch and swim at the beautiful Playa Norte. Meanwhile, the captain prepares fresh fish ceviche for you. Some drinks and a well deserved lunch, and you are ready to return to land after an unforgettable experience.


How long does it takes to get to the Whale Shark Area?

Approximately 1 hour cruising north east from the island.

Can we arrange pickup from hotel before or after the Whale Shark Tour?

Yes. We can pick you up from your rental house or hotel provided they a dock where we are able to park our boat.

Can we bring some beers for the ride?

Yes, however for safety reasons, you may only consume them after the swimming activity is done!

Can we skip the use of the life Jacket?

No. We are obligated to comply with the regulations from the Mexican National Marine Park CONAMP. It is mandatory for all operators to require the use of a life jacket while swimming with the Whale Sharks. This is not only for your own safety in the water, making you visible to other boats in the area, but also to prevent you from swimming underneath the whale sharks, which is not permitted.
We use sport life jackets which are easy to swim with as you snorkel with the whale sharks.

Is the ride out to the Whale Sharks bumpy?

Our boats are well designed and in the grand majority of the cases it is a sweet smooth ride. If the weather is too rough to go out, we will reschedule your trip for a day with better weather!