Cave & Cavern Diving

A Unique Experience Underwater

Cavern Diving

Visit the reef at night
$ 5600 MXN per person
  • All the Equipment Included
  • 2 Dives Included
  • Transportation Included

Private Cavern Diving

Level up the experience and take our Private Adventure Tour for up to 2 friends
$ 9500 MXN up to 2 Divers
  • All the Equipment Included
  • Private Van
  • Private Guide
  • 2 Dive Included
  • Transportation Included

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Cavern diving in the riviera

The Mayan Riviera and the Yucatan Peninsula are home to unique underground limestone caves etched out by fresh water. The mineral rich water filtered through the limestone forms spectacular stalagmites and stalactites.

Diving conditions in the cenotes of Tulum, Playa del Carmen and the Mayan Riviera are ideal. Crystal clear freshwater, moderate temperature and superb visibility are the main features in these exclusive cave systems that make your dive a unique experience.

Its caverns literally lights up when you illuminate it with a lantern, as it is made up of pure limestone rock. The cave system is one of the most impressive ones due the many directions and connections it has to several cenotes.

Beatiful Cenotes and caves

Cenote and Caves

Riviera Maya is a paradise for scuba divers like few in the world, you will find so many spots to dive with underwater rivers or mystical cenotes. In some cenotes you can admire a lot of flora and fauna species like Lotus Flowers, turtles. In others you will marvel yourself with the halocline, a phenomenon that happens when fresh water and salty water mix together. 

Sac Actun

The Sac Actun System, with a length of 347 kilometers and a maximum depth of 101 meters is the longest underground river in the world, which connects all the cenotes in the area through various underwater caves. On your journey under its waters you will find incredible rock formations such as stalactites, stalagmites, columns and fossilized remains of ancient creatures.

Which One Are The Best?

In the area you will find many options and kinds of cenotes for cavern diving – Ponderosa, Carwash, Aktunha, Calavera, Pit, Angelita, Chak Mool, Dos Ojos, Dream Gate, Tajmahal and Grand Cenote are the most famous and common in the area, full of wonderful rock formations, light beams, haloclines and air domes.


Professional Diving Training

Start your experience as a Intro Scuba Diver or go all the way to Instructor. We offer a wide range of courses & technical specialities like Nitrox, Side Mount, or Intro to Cave.


Do I need special training for this dive?

Yes, you need to be Advanced Open Water certified. Or, at least have previous cavern diving experience experience.

How long is the ride out to the cenotes?

The ride to the cenotes is about 2 hours from the departure at our shop.

Can we arrange pickup from hotel before or after the diving Tour?

Yes. We can pick you up from your rental house or hotel.

Do i need to have my own gear?

No, the gear is included in the price.

How deep are the dive sites?

The cenote diving area in which you will do your dives, has a maximum depth of 30m/90ft.