We are a Professional Diving Team, Passionate About Marine Life and the Underwater World.

“The ocean connects our souls to the past and defies our imagination” -Misael Fernandez

Mexico Divers SDI/TDI & PADI Dive Resort is operated by experienced professionals. Kenny, Claire, Dario, Luis, Jimmy, Baron, William, Misael and Victoria will ensure that your dive experience and time at Mexico Divers is not only safe but also great fun!

Our team is highly qualified and enthusiastic about diving and all of our tours! From fishing to swimming with the Whale sharks, we are available to assist you with any inquiries you may have.

No matter how deep the ocean is, a good boat always floats at the top! Similarly, no matter how big the problem is, positive thinking always keeps you at the top too. We are just like a boat, anchored at the shore of an ocean full of opportunity. So just set sail! Who knows, you might find an opportunity that will completely change your life!

13 years of History in Isla Mujeres

Experience and consistency

Even though we are no longer new in Isla Mujeres, we continue with enthusiasm, growing and developing the shop. We want to do things right, bringing passion to all we do. We are always working on improving! Our staff is active, pursuing adventure in seas and caves around the world.

2010 – The Adventure Begins!

In the center of Isla Mujeres Misael starts to charter day trips and activities for private groups. The shop starts to take shape and we focus on a wider range of aquatic activities.

2011 – Against the Odds!

Like every start, there are many things to overcome! Especially in the dive industry, you have to learn and adapt, improve and move forwards.

2012 – Introducing Our New Boats

This year represents a revolution in the way we feel and understand diving. Particularly with the infrastructure we put in place, we are able to operate smoothly and efficiently.

2013 – Evolution

Life is changing, Isla Mujeres is too. We become a PADI Official Dive Resort and we start to focus on Teaching Diving and exploring new sites. We create a new facility which combines our dive shop, diving school, tank filling facilities and incorporate aquatic activities of all kinds. We’re a Dive Resort, as we understand it today.

2014 – Time to Expand

We team up with a local Beach Resort “El Capitan Dulche” and provide a second location for our activities and departures.

2015 – Getting Technical 

Mexico Divers becomes the first and only SDI TDI 5 Star Dive Resort on Isla Mujeres! Cavern divers, Nitrox specialists & more! Our crew trains and prepares for new aquatic challenges.

2016 – New Acquisitions

Our fleet expands! Owner Misael brings Malolo, a 40ft Cabo from Kona, Hawaii to Isla Mujeres, Mexico. On this beautiful Sports Fishing Yacht, the Mexico Divers crew wins 3rd place in the 14th Annual International Fishing Tournament on the island.

2017 – Diversification

Time to step up the glam! Mexico Divers now offers a line of luxury charters, tours and events. Two fly fishing boats join our fleet and we are the first to charter fly fishing trips to Cayo Raton, Laguna Chacmuchnu and other remote salt water flats.

2018 – New Marina Space

All boats in our fleet, equipment, gear, and crew make the move to our new marina location on Isla Mujeres. Our base of operation is fully set up for tank filling, gear maintenance and classroom space.

2019 – Expansion

We acquired one new boat and national permit, this makes or fleet stronger than ever, allowing us to cover the demand for private services and trips. We also modernize the first boat in our fleet, the Catatonic, with a pair of new Yamaha’s out board engines.

2020 – Recession

We started the year strong, but a global recession caused by the novel Corona Covid – 19 virus hit us pretty hard on Isla Mujeres. Although we were obligated to reduce our staff and fleet, we face the rest of the year with optimism!

2021 – Post Covid

We survived strong, Same staff no loses, i guess is a win win scenario!

2022 – Hold

Hard to Repair Anything without parts, but the world is not delivering, everything on hold

2023 – Recovery

We started the year strong, we have our own Marina now, new boat and serviced all the other ones looking to the horizons


Because you should enjoy your holiday!

  •   Mexico Divers is one of only a few registered PADI Dive Resorts on Isla Mujeres.
  •   We are multilingual – our staff speaks French, German, English and Spanish.
  •   You can book online 365 days a year!
  •   We offer dive trips, fishing trips, SDI & PADI Courses 365 days a year.
  •   While fun is in abundance, safety is our priority! We carry First Aid and Oxygen kits to all sites and provide safety oriented briefings.
  •   Small Groups – We keep our dive groups small and according to your level. Equipment is checked and serviced daily to ensure maximum safety on every dive.
  •   Flexibility – It is your dive trip and we will do everything possible to provide a tailor made experience. We work with your schedule, individual needs, and even offer help with other activity or trip arrangements.
  •   Hassle Free – It’s our mission to provide a top class, hassle free dive experience with lots of fun. Non-diving family and friends are welcome to join us too, they can snorkel or simply relax onboard while you dive! Just let us know what you need – we’ll take care of the rest.
  •   Customer Oriented – Let us know what you want and we will do our best to make it happen! Customer satisfaction is our main priority. At Mexico Divers PADI Dive Resort you wont be treated as just another diver, but as an individual. With a friendly, laid back and sociable vibe there is always someone to talk to. We take the time to listen to your needs and always have time to discuss any concerns or inquiries.
  •   Variety! Mexico Divers PADI Dive Resort has something for everyone! Shallow dives, deep dives, shipwrecks and drift dives just to name a few! The Caribbean Sea surrounding Isla Mujeres has so much to offer – diverse wildlife and adventure await you!
  •   Our Dive Center has an onsite dive training beach resort.
  •   Mexico Divers PADI Dive Resort has the largest fleet of dive boats on Isla Mujeres.
  •   Mexico Divers PADI Dive Resort has the largest Team of PADI professionals on Isla Mujeres.
  •   We cater to all levels – Snorkeling trips, Discover Scuba Dives, Advanced Dives, Speciality Courses and PADI Dive Master Training.
  •   Gear Quality –  As a Distributor for Aqua Lung we use Aqua Lung equipment exclusively in our dive resort. Aqua Lung introduced the world to Scuba diving more than 60 years ago when Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Émile Gagnan developed the first “Aqua-Lung.” Mexico Divers PADI Dive Resort is a partner for top brands such as Aqua Lung and Apeks. At Mexico Divers we pride ourselves with using the latest scuba and snorkeling equipment.
  •   Air Quality – Our Dive Center has air fill facilities on site. Nitrox is available on request.
  •   Location, Location, Location! You will find Mexico Divers PADI Dive Resort Diving at the following prime dive locations: Manchones Reef, the Sleeping Shark Cave; C-58 Gunboats, Punta Negra Reef; Ultrafreze; Underwater Museum MUSA; Punta Sur Drift Dive to name a few.
  •   Affiliated with Beach Resort, Restaurant, Bar and Spa Capitan Dulche.
  •   Boat Passenger Insurance Boat Passenger Short Term Insurance is included in the price of your booking. We recommend that certified divers have their own dive insurance; however, DAN day-dive Insurance is available upon request at the time of booking your dive.
  •   Environmentally Conscious – The Mexico Divers PADI Dive Resort team is dedicated to reef protection and marine conservation. Our diver education program encourages environmental awareness and enforcing diving techniques that help to protect our marine environment. We actively support Project Aware Foundation, an underwater conservation movement led by divers.

We pursue experiences that further the awakening of the spirit.

Our goal at Mexico Divers is to provide our guests with numerous adventures in outdoor environments which are enticing and exciting. Our knowledge and understanding of the area surrounding Isla Mujeres and Cancun will take our clientele out of normal routines and into a world beyond imagination. These adventures will transform the mind and encourage further exploration.

It is our mission to transform the average vacation into an amazing experience by safely entering the unknown underwater world surrounding Isla Mujeres and Cancun through the use of top rated equipment, a top notch fleet, and highly trained PADI professional staff.

100% guest satisfaction is our goal.