Probably the strongest drift dive you will ever experience, the current at Punta Sur is generated by the rapid shallow terrain and strong currents flowing from the Gulf of Mexico. While you drift along the canyon, we turn from the bay side to the caribbean side of the island for a 3 mile journey underwater.

The nutrient-rich water at Punta Sur attracts abundant marine life, such as dolphins, turtles and nurse sharks, among others. There are also small caves with a great variety of marine species and an old galleon ship anchor.

One of the best times to dive this site is from May to June during sea turtle mating season. You may see up to 30 giant turtles on a single dive!

– 52 feet / 16 meters
Required Experience Level
– Advanced Open Water Certified Diver
Average Underwater Visibility
– 70 feet / 21 meters
Average Water Temp
– 82 Fº / 28 Cº