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Underwater Museum at el Meco Reef

Located in the northern part of cancun El Meco Reef is a coral formation that recently has become popular, due its closeness to the El Meco a Mayan Archeological site.

With serpent heads on the staircases similar to the ones found at Chichen Itza and archaeological findings that this location was used for maritime navigation, archaeologists believe it helped to develop the Mayan inland and sea trade networks

Is believed that El Meco was sort of a lighthouse featuring the tallest Pyramid in the northern peninsula “El Castillo” (12m/40ft).

The El Meco Reef is formed by the remaining of old Spanish Shipwrecks, evidence of that is the numerous canons, spades and coins that has been found in the site over the time

el Meco Mayan Pyramid
El Meco Reef Underwater Museum MUSA

Part of the gallery of the Underwater Museum MUSA featuring some of the newer sculptures has been placed on The El Meco Reef to further develop the site.

El Meco Reef is a shallow reef and a great place for snorkeling with soft corals, sting rays, barracudas, turtles, and a great variety of small fish.

Site Details

Average Depth: 6 m / 18 ft
Max Depth: 6.5 m / 20 ft
Visibility: Excellent > 30 ft