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MUSA the Underwater Museum of Art

The Underwater Museum or  MUSA is a unique subaquatic art installation in Isla Mujeres. Not only is the art gallery remarkable, but it is also noteworthy for the blending of environmental science and aquatic adventure.

This dive site is great for many reasons. Its close location, easy accessibility, and convenient depth make it especially suited for beginner divers. The unique underwater environment is entertaining for certified divers and snorkelers alike!

The Creators of the Underwater Museum

In 2009 Roberto Díaz Abraham and Jaime González Cano initiated the incredible marine project of the MUSA. Since then over 500 life-sized sculptures have been installed on the sea floor by English sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, 482 of which are in Isla Mujeres.

The Art of Conservation

The Underwater Museum itself serves as an artificial reef. The statues are actually made of a cement that is mostly neutral. In other words, the cement itself stimulates coral growth. Elk horn, brain coral, sea fans and many other types have grown all over the sculptures.

The sculptures in fact are a unique base for the amplification and diversification of corals in the area. The newly grown corals provide protection and food for juvenile species of all kinds!

MUSA Underwater Museum Fish

Sculptures in the Underwater Museum

The Silent Evolution

This set of sculptures is not only the most iconic feature in the Underwater Museum but also the biggest collection. It is a collection of over 400 life-size human sculptures. In addition, the sculptures depict examples of local clothing, occupations and even a range of ages and expressions.

The Volkswagen Beetle

Another incredible and photogenic sculpture of the MUSA is the VolksWagon. The statue is not only a full sized cement replica of the iconic car but also commentary on the consumption of fossil fuels. The Volkswagen statue was designed with a hollow interior and provides safe living spaces for lobsters, urchins and many other crustaceans.

Seascape And The Urban Reef House

At the Seascape Rings you can practice your buoyancy and swim through the rings of various sizes. 

There are even small houses to discover in the Underwater Museum MUSA as well. Ask your Dive Master to show you the unique feature of the chimney!

Today the Underwater Museum continues to grow. Sculptures by international artists inspire scuba divers with the art of conservation.

UnderWater Museum Dive Details

  • Depth: 30 feet / 10 meters
  • Required Experience Level: Beginners & Certified Divers
  • Average Underwater Visibility: 60 feet / 18 meters
  • Average Water Temp: 82 Fº / 28 Cº

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