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The Chairel Shipwreck was originally a car ferry brought from Tampico. that was used to connect cancun to isla mujeres in the late 80s.

Some reports say that the ferry was owned by the Mexican phone company “Telefonos de Mexico” at that time and replaced the Frontera car ferry.

The ferry service was then discontinued and replaced by a bigger one, after that in 1990, the Chairel ferry was been use as a floating restaurant near Cancun.

The mishap sinking

On the 18 of October of 2000, the Chairel car ferry, was towed 5 miles to the caribbean side of Isla Mujeres, to finally be sunk.

Originally the idea was to have a controlled sinking but because of the rough weather that arrived that afternoon, was sent down in a rush.

The form of the ferry platform and the movement of the waves capsized the boat, flipping it and so the Chairel Shipwreck ended upside down in the ocean floor.

Diving Experience at the Chairel Shipwreck

Life started to florish at in the sourondings of the Chairel Shipwreck, converting it in a new dive site!

It is a great place to observe schools of spotted eagle rays, large barracudas, snappers and lots of sea cucumbers!.

Because the shipwreck is upside down is not possible to go inside, however there is plenty of life in the surroundings.

Debris from the helm of the wreck and the little pools in the rock made it the perfect place for green moray eels to live.

Because the current is strong and is quite deep, the dive at the Chairel Shipwreck is considered an advanced dive.

To do this dive we typically drop an anchor in the sand and descend with the anchor line, this give us support to make a better safety stop on the way up.

Check the characteristics of this wreck Adventure Dive below

89 ft / 27 m

Boat Ride
32 min

Dive Type

Cert Min Level
Advanced Open Water Diver

Lion Fish, Angel Fish, Barracuda, Snapper

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