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How we value the safety of our student divers

Through our Business Member affiliation with the Divers Alert Network (DAN), we are able to register our Open Water divers in-training in the DAN Student Diver Program (*US and Canadian customers only). In an effort to increase diver safety, the DAN Student Diver Program offers free DAN Insurance to our student divers.

What is the Dan Student Diver Program?

The DAN Student Diver Program offers up to $20,000 USD in recompression treatment coverage and medical expenses for student divers, in the unlikely event of a diver emergency. This free student diver insurance coverage is valid either for six months or until the student completes the last open-water dive (whichever comes first).

Safety Resources for new divers

In addition to recompression treatment coverage, enrolling our students also provides them with access to valuable diving health and safety resources that are perfect for new divers, including the DAN Emergency Hotline and Medical Information Line, as well as downloadable Smart Guides developed by DAN experts.

Are certified divers entitled to free divers insurance?

Unfortunately this free student diver insurance coverage does not extend to our certified diver friends.

How do certified divers purchase insurance with the divers Alert Network?

We recommend all certified divers invest in an inexpensive dive insurance policy which you can purchase online here. You must pay an annual membership fee to the Divers Alert Network in order to have access to their insurance plans and other helpful resources.

Remember, a safe diver is a happy diver. Accidents Happen. Plan for the best but prepare for the worst.