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The Night Diving on Isla Mujeres is nothing short of amazing. Out of all of the exciting diving opportunities offered here on the island, the Night Dive is my personal favorite. The same reefs dived during the day transform into a circus of sea life rarely seen during the daytime.

I cant get tired of looking at the lobster walk during the night or the octopus dance around the reef, in addition the light from the bioluminescence creates a total surreal experience.

What can you see at the Night Dive?

Basket stars bloom to life; Loggerhead, Green, and Hawksbill turtles are seen in great abundance.

-"the lobster walk is AMAZING!"-

Green, Spotted, and Golden Eels come out of daytime hiding, and search the reef for food. Spiny lobsters and giant Spider crabs retreat from crevasses in the reef and are readily observed hunting the ocean floor. Squid will come out of hiding and curiously swim around divers and their dive lights. Octopi come to life from their daytime hibernation and scour bombies of coral in search for a nighttime snack. Octopi are rarely seen during the day, so if an Octopus is what you want to see, then night diving is your best chance to see them.

The Adventure

Unlike the fast-paced diving during the day, night diving is a slow-paced, relaxing dive where these amazing creatures come to you. Your dive starts at the dock where the experienced and friendly crew has already assembled your gear and has fitted you with all equipment needed for a safe and fun adventure.  The boat leaves as the sun is going down and everyone enjoys a sunset cruise with amazing views of Isla Mujeres and Cancun.

Right at dusk, all divers enter the water under the care of an experienced dive professional. Depth is between 25-30 feet (roughly 8 meters).  There is plenty of light to get oriented before night sets in and the show begins!  The one-tank dive will last about an hour, but that hour flies by as there is so much to see. On flat-calm nights, the brilliant natural light of bioluminescence can be readily seen on the surface and down below. After the dive is over, all divers return to the boat and enjoy a moonlight cruise back to the dock. Night Diving here on Isla Mujeres can be enjoyed by the beginning (certified) diver as well as the most experienced.