Find out more about the weather on Isla Mujeres & Cancun!

On Isla Mujeres & Cancun the weather is usually pleasant for warm weather travelers. The average temperature is around 81F / 27C. Winter months are the driest with only an occasional afternoon shower.

The summer months are wetter and much more humid! Tropical storms pass by quickly. September is usually the wettest month when most tropical storms and hurricanes are more likely.

4-Day Forecast

The 4 day forecast is what we mostly use for planning our trips and activities, be aware that in our region is common to have flash rains, and sometime those are not forecasted, luckily they only last 20 minutes mostly!

Sea Average Temperature

Air Average Temperature

Sunshine-Rain Averages

Rainfall Averages

Caribbean Satellite Forecast

Wind Direction

Wave Direction

Cloud Coverage

Current Speed Direction

Water Temperature

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